Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My Un-ladylike Chronicles. PART 1.

I have been not posting on my blog for a while now and it’s shameful for I feel brain dead. I can’t come up with ideas and I feel like I have betrayed the few readers I have.

Thus I will try to keep up now. I promise to myself and you all yeah?

NOW getting to the point. I will be writing a 3 part series, calling out to all the women and girls in this world to join me in my long rant, because suddenly the tiny feminist and a big argumental side of me chooses to be ruthless. This was supposedly only a small topic in my head, but while I write this, I can see the scope of this topic!

So here we go,


Sorry mother, I have to be un-ladylike and write this but I promise I will try to be as subtle as possible.

Or not.

I know how my mother is concerned about me never getting a guy, of course she says this deriving facts from my past experiences but guess what, I don’t want one. I don’t need someone to complete me because young Indian girls can survive anywhere without a “good” boy, “good” family and “good” house. Just by the way, I saw him walking out with two girls from a shady dance bar.

“Good” boy.

None of us need a hypocritical dominating man to tell us what to do because in this ever changing society, many women are educated and understand the difference between been a good dedicated wife and being a borderline maid. I think it’s time for men to realize that if you want a nice educated “sikhi hui ladki” you have to let her use her education to go out a work and probably even teach you a thing or two.

And oh it’s on.

Okay just because I don’t agree with a guy’s opinion and can enforce mine, does that make me bossy? Well, that’s not constructive criticism. Don’t use that word for it is not a negative reinforcement. And “what you doing tonight?” isn’t the only question I can answer. Ask me about the stocks, ask me about politics, but don’t even dare ask me can I cook. Mind you my chapati is round as fuck.

I know guys try, they do try to not be sexist, but it just happens, it’s in build. Mummy daddy ne sanskar sikhaye, but you still look at us like we are objects and we look at you as humans. Sometimes, may be, just a suggestion, instead of laughing at my opinion, make a constructive counter argument. J

And even after we choose to date/marry the guys, we fail, fail to show what exactly normal human behavior is. Why do men have to be so clueless about everything? Why can’t one understand that a no means a no and you don’t have to convince me because m not trying to get attention or be hard. 

Trust me am not as angry as I sound, but I feel like this is the only way to express how annoying it is to be labelled needy, weak and emotional all the time while the dude is the one with his endless jealously, and the need to be given everything in his hand while he doesn’t budge an inch from his favorite sofa spot. And oh my god what’s the deal with not understand what the argument is about? Hello, I typed a 500 words essay for you, are you still going to talk to her?

And dating you or marrying you doesn’t give you any sort of consent. It’s not a yes to treat us however one wants. We don’t “belong” to you for taking us for granted.

And to be honest I get how difficult girls can be too. We can be moody we can be annoying. We are stubborn. Unreasonable too and we overthink. But maybe if the world wasn’t so innately partial we wouldn’t be fighting internally and externally to make our place in the world. And if that transcends as unfair behavior to guys, I’m sorry it’s not totally our fault.

But I know this is like talking to a pigeon. It’s going to shit all over me and walk away like it won.

Few words: NO hard feelings men. I don’t truly hate all of you. Except….ugh.
3 more to go!! Stay TUNED.


  1. This is the farthest I've ever gotten to reading something that is ME on a paper. And heyy! Who's back with a boom?

  2. you are sounding like an Indian lady now. Stick to your guns. Be honest...good thinker