Falling for you: Part 1

Hi unicorns! I am starting with my falling for you series. A four part series. Hope you guys enjoy it and can relate to my writing.

Thump Thump Thump. My heart was beating. My heart was beating fast. Thump Thump Thump. It was beating even faster now.

It stopped beating.

You stood there radiating with the glow of beauty. Every cell in my body was commanding me to run and touch you. I was in awe. You were too beautiful to be true. Your surreal eyes pierced through my flesh as they stared at me, challenging me to come closer. Luring me into their trap, they were successfully capturing me in the vividness of their blue gaze.

Your face perfectly sculptured by the almighty was pulling me closer to you. I could taste lust and every nerve ending in my skin was making me aware of itself. Suddenly I realized I wasn't breathing. I gave out a long breath and forced myself to bring back my breathing pattern to normal. I couldn't stand there in front of you anymore. My body was turning liquid and my stomach was falling to the floor.

You smiled.

I died.

Your smile shot me like a love bullet. Those perfect set of pearly whites complemented your soft pink lips that perfectly bordered them. Love affection and longing was all I could see.
The white aura around you was blinding me. I couldn’t move. But you moved. You moved closer to me. As you walked your dark brown hair bounced and the curls fell upon your face. I couldn’t take it anymore. You were perfect and so fragile yet strong.
I was dizzy and weak. I couldn’t stand you being so close to me.
Everything went dark.

I woke up.

“What’s up with you? Why are your eyes so swollen? Cheer up girl. You have to! Chemistry is already unbearable and I don’t want a sad lump for company!” shrieked Sia as we sat beside each other in the school bus. My best friend Sia, no better than a lioness, hell of a fighter and a very bad shoulder support in a moving bus.

“Nothing just had a weird dream last night, and couldn’t fall asleep after that. At least I have a reason to sleep in chemistry class now.” I said matter of factly, trying to suppress a yawn.

“Oh! A dream again? About the same idiot?

“He is not an idiot.” I sigh

“woah woah! Someone’s getting defensive here! What happened girl? Why you so upset again?’

I looked out of the window as the bus came to a halt. The doors hissed open and a tall dark guy trotted in. He was partially wet with the rain that was creating a gloomy grey atmosphere, fogging my window too.
“I don’t know Sia who he is. But he appears in all my dreams. And all is know is that I want him. He doesn’t even exist but then why do these dreams trouble me so much? Are they an indication or just my over imaginative brain?”

“Its okey girl” Sia whispered rubbing my back as a gesture of acceptability.

“No Sia why does it always happen that life plays cruel tricks on me and all I have to wait is for it to stop laughing and move on to another victim. I am happy in my little world alone. With you and myself in this little world, I am too scared to be vulnerable to anyone else. I don’t even know if I can really give a part of myself to whoever he is, if he is real. Change is inevitable but it intimidates me. Why can’t I just be happy alone without my feelings playing peek-a-boo with me?”

Sia pouts and ‘aww’s’ me.

”Its okay girl. May be change is for good. May be this guy is your prince charming? And the universe is simply telling you that he is close and is coming to rescue his princess” Sia says laughing.

I bump her with my shoulder and grin. ‘You still remember that story? It’s so lame.” I say burring my face into my hands.

“You in your satin dress await your prince every day. You are longing to be rescued from the clutches of your evil mother so await the prince’s arrival” she draws an invisible sword. “One day he arrives on his white horse wearing a robe of confidence that flutters behind him. He rescues you and takes you away to his kingdom of happiness” Sia starts making kissing noises and I blush hitting her little.

We both burst out laughing and I remember how grateful I am to have Sia. My Sia.

“So girl, don’t be upset because of some guy who doesn’t really exist. If he does may be we have a love story here.” She smirks

I smile and turn to look out of the window. In the reflection, I see two eyes staring back at me. They were filled with confusion and longing. I sighed and the eyes looked down.

Who was he?

Where was he?

As the bus came to a hault and everyone got up to leave, one question appeared like an arrow.

Will I ever know?

A few Words- people today are afraid to be vulnerable and thus avoid their feelings. Not only is it the wrong thing to do but also hurtful. Rather share and cherish your feelings so that you can bloom and grow as a person and truthfully open up to someone else’s feelings. In this journey of crush, like and love, you will first run to your best friend as you are scared to confess to anyone else. So do take his or her advice. May be they see the things you can’t. 


  1. a great one again! loved it! eagerly waiting for the other 3 parts!!!!
    those few words rule!!!! "quite relateable" :P ! keep writing niki..:) !

  2. C I always tke advice!:*superb!completely relatable!Hahaha!beautifully written agn paahu!ur writing is jus superb!

  3. hehehehehhe kyaaa detal mae expree kiya hai yaar...!!!!whnevr u wrote "beating stopped"...mera bhi ho gaya tha!:P...ehhehehe...(ps...dnt tk tension..dictionary ka app khula tha...!:P)

  4. Soooo amazing! Can't wait for the other 3 parts!!!!!

  5. keep writing.....you are a good writer!!!!

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