Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Reflection

Mirrors are objects of magic and enchantment. They mesmerize you with their ability to reflect your actions and effortlessly show you who you are – physically but emotionally too. So what if the image was your inner self - your emotions and mind and you were your outerself?

Kiara flipped her bag on to her bed and ran to stand in front of the mirror. Like each one of us she had heard about the magical mirror in the evil queen’s palace. That mirror could be described as truthful and revealing. The mirror had an honest soul and an even convincing voice of truth. It had called snow white the most beautiful maiden and the ‘fairest of all’ even though the malicious queen was charming.
So could she expect the similar truth from the oval shaped glass in her room? 
She was grounded in front of the mirror. Her heart beating like a drummer gone wild. Kiara saw a brown haired girl. Those bouncy curls fell on her face and covered her hazel gold eye. Her pale while skin was illuminated by the arrows of sunlight. She looked like a princess- a princess stuck in an old high turreted tower where each brick was a jailer. Her eyes watery with the tears of abuse and her pupils colored in the gold of despair.

Her face was distorted and was clad in an expression of confusion. The lines on her face clearly projected and image of those days when those girls would drag her in the corner and rag her crushing her soul and killing the angels of hope. Only she would know those days when she would come home crying the tears of anger and hurt as her heart broke into pieces and fell freckled on the floor; lonely and scared.
Her skinny hands were scared as the knives of hurtful words and killed expectations from her parents forced her to cut herself. Her t-shirt was pulled off her shoulder revealing the boney structure of her body. Wasn’t physical pain better then emotional?

She had already killed the butterfly that once happily fluttered around her. Its beautiful pink and white wings radiated happiness which was the beaming bright smile on her face. The smile was shriveled like and not watered flower and the glow on her face was switched off by the hands of the evil monster of loneliness and agony.She was fragile, in the need of support and love.

But was this what everyone saw?

Kiara was smiling in the front of the mirror. Beaming like a small kid that had been given a chocolate. Her face was glowing and the sun was complementing the golden hue of her skin. Her t shirt wasn’t falling of her shoulder but clunged to the flesh of her body.

Her eyes weren’t crying. Her pupils were jovial and happy encouraging you to smile too. Kiara didn’t look unhappy but uncertain. Her hair was voluminous and well set. Her lips curled up seductively painted with blood red lipstick. Oh how beautiful she was. How charming; a prince could come running to rescue this princess. Her hands weren’t scared but smooth as golden marble. You could still see the pink flush dangling to her cheeks and her perfect set of pearls pulling you to dreamy haze.
Kiara was a tigress, clawing and roaring; beautiful and ferocious.
So, was the mirror lying?

It wasn’t. Her reflection was showing her what she really was and what she wanted to be. She wasn’t a high school cool girl walking tall on her heels crushing the world under her feet. But a soft girl, once abused, unloved and tossed aside like a lifeless body. Her reflection reminded what she really felt inside and cautioned her to show it on the outside. Even this lifeless piece of glass understood the importance of transparency and being who you are. 

Someone honked and kiara looked out of the window. It was her best friend come to pick her up for the party. She turned back to the mirror and there she was. Like a princess, happy and untouched. Where was the other girl gone?

As kiara left her room, the other girl was weeping deep inside kiara, extending her hand for help hoping for angels to grab it and relieve her of this pain.

Few words- It concerns me that people today live with a mask. Everyone is scared and hurt and that is nothing to be afraid of. Express what you feel and show who you are. Don’t let your true self be cemented in the corner. Love, hope and live with pride. You will still find the right people and will learn to love yourself even more. Don’t live under a cloak, bean open book and live freely and truthfully.


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