Saturday, 1 November 2014

Why do we worship god?

Lets answer the question everyone fears to answers. (my first post for Indiblogger) 

We are children of our egos and indifference. Our ego doesn't allow us to believe that we are different from everyone else, that we are unique in our own way and being just like everyone else is lowly and not appreciable. Since it makes each one of us the same. Wanting the same things in our life.

In fact, we are the same.

And while we fail to agree with it openly, we do confess it unknowingly with only one entity that we entrust our trust on, completely. God is someone we turn to each time we are dismissed and sadden by the people of our own species.

Recently god has been dethroned from his designation not anyone else but us. We have forgotten he is a provider, creator and destroyer and even a watcher. Not a counselor.

Does that answers our questions why we worship god? We look for solace in the idea of his presence. Our right to talk to him freely in our temples and other places of worship provide a sense of belonging and peace when no one else bothers to listen. It is good to know that someone is out there in our whole wide universe who only listens when asked for rather than giving advice.

In this short post, I wish to mention that most of us worship for a selfish motive as progress.  Yes, pure devotees exist who worship for the love of god and religion. But we can’t deny the fact that when you pray to god, there is a little voice in the back of your head hoping progress and prosperity in every aspect of your life. It is not an accusation like it might seem, but the bare naked truth put in front of you.

When troubled, we look for peace in prayer. We even thank god for our progress. We look for solutions for our questions in our old books of prayer.

 Ultimately, we go back home where our soul finds familiarity.

This is a very small post I wished to write to answer this question. There is nothing we can do to change what happens with our lives. But worship makes us stronger for what we have to face. We can’t forget that only asking from god will bear no fruit. But actually working towards our goals will. Worship is motivation but not the only way you can get success.

But this rises another question, are we that selfish that we only turn to god when we are in need?
Most of us do. How much ever we try to convince our self that we do it only for peace, peace to the soul is also an act of self-indulgence. Since it doesn’t cause harm to someone else, it’s acceptable by our society. Making it our right, we forget that worship even includes wishful thinking for people we love and not only ourselves. God can only give you so much and how much ever you pray, it will only give you strength and positivity (which is very much needed) but not eliminate your troubles all together form your present or future. Even got needs to know that his creation is capable.


  1. you are that our worships are selfish and if god is there he would never appreciate such prayers.

    God's Creator

    1. God is a creator.. And god appreciates those who pray with all thier hearts. I am afraid that there is barely anyone who prays with the purity and selflessness that god appreciates.

  2. Such a bittersweet truth.. But so subtly slapped at your face. It is quite a pinch when we realise this; that to worship is to thank and not to demand.