Friday, 14 November 2014

How do i fix me?

Few Words- This is the very first poem I ever written. So be kind and please leave your opinions in the comments so that i can improve where I need to. This shows my vulnerable self and I am showing the mirror to all of you too. 
Enjoy :)

The ground shivers and the storm rages.
And all I can do is stand and stare.

Where are you? I have been looking for so long,
I am not sure I can still breathe that you’re gone,

Your futile attempts bore no fruits,
Instead poisoned the tree that had been growing for so long.

Because of you the only butterfly that fluttered is dead,
Leading a perfectly beautiful flower to unwanted death

I shall dance to remember and sometimes I will dance to forget you,
But the absence of your presence shall reside somewhere deep within me.
Your ancient touch tingles my skin,
And your forgotten voice haunts my dreams.

I had been a hypocrite when it came to love,
But oh dear, it changed the moment all I could see was you

Above me all that I saw was your false affection,
And the black love that bled out of your heart.
How it pricked me to see you pierce that faith I had in you,
But all you saw was your wellbeing.

You went and woke my demons,
Now will you ever return to put them to sleep again?


  1. Ill kick their filthy butts babe dnt wrry! XD Y fear whn ur hero is here! *drumroll* nd as usual amazin writin...I shdnt evn mention tht man..

  2. ahhh I gotta type d whole thng agn! :o
    so wd did u use to fox urself? A mallet? A hammer? A screwdriver? A spanner? Coz I wld shove dis thngss up his ass! :p hahahhaa...leds come bk to poet...awsum wriiten...I cld understnd d wholw thng first tym! :♡

    1. hahahahhah aww! :* thank god u understood at a go! and thanks! :*

  3. Keep writing more n more Nikaaa!! U really good at them!! :-*<3