Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dear diary

He is oblivious to how beautiful he is.

As the golden arrows of sun struck his hair, they shone in waves of shimmering brown hue while the richness of his skin complimented them. 

The smile lines playfully grew deeper as he smirked my way while his watery brown eyes hovered over my lips. They were like the sea. Calm and kind but a kind of storm raged in them that only a sailor saw at the sea. 

I wasnt terrified.
I was amused.

His sun kissed wheat colored skin made it irresistable not to stare at him. And for how lovestruck i am, i didnt even try otherwise. As he turned and gazed out of the window intendly, i saw the little boy who had grown into the gentleman that only i saw at the moment.

Even while sensitivity dominated his emotions, he was brave. His high cheekbones and rugged jawline made it even difficult fr me to look away. The curve of his soft pink lips changed as he playfully bit his lips as the corner of his mouth turned to a small smile.

I felt lucky.

I was lucky to have the piece of miracle all to myself. I was reminded of a warrior looking at him. A stubborn and courageous man who would fight for what was righteous and his, but yet had that soft heart overwhelmed with kindness and humbleness.

He cared.

As he turned and smiled tht perfect smile at me i was charmed and i think he noticed the twinkle in my eyes.

My cheeks flushed and i realized i was very very very very fond of him.

Few words: This is a really small random entery from Mia's diary from falling for you series. Her love for Mark is reflected through how much she respects him as a person and how amusing he is to her. The last thing she would want to do is say good bye.


  1. Awwwww...completely luv it :*

  2. Is this guy real? :O I was writing something and wanted to describe a guy. Well, I'm a guy myself so I think I'll get the gist from you :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I appreciate it! ;) i would love to read ur work too someday!

    2. My blog's at It's about random stuff, maybe you'll find something of interest there. I think the short stories would interest you