Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Fairy tales

Disclaimer: If you are faithful to these works of fictions and may get offended easily, please feel free to stop reading. If you still choose to continue reading, either grab some popcorn and coke to enjoy or a whip if u choose to hate and hit me for writing this. And whatever the result might be enjoy yourselves unicorns. 

As a little sweet girl I grew up with sweet memories of love and happiness that a Disney princess movie gave me. Oh how those shiny little sparks would fly around as the happy couple kissed promising each other company and faith for the rest of their life. And narrator in his happy, “I knew it” voice would declare, “and they lived happily ever after.”

Happily ever after…pfft…lets snap back to the real world please.

I have grown up believing everything is as beautiful at the world of fairytales, where every little girl grows up to be as beautiful and delicate like belle or Cinderella and her few years of misfortune lead to a happy ending where she is a princess with no worries and has the most charming prince in the world to sweep her off her feet. But I am still a potato and will never be like these princesses without a plastic surgeries and I don’t have a forest to wander off to, to get a prince who shall rescue me. Thus, my years of misfortune are still going on.
Fairytales provide you with false hopes.

 Most of the times.

Cinderella had to find through the whole village, clean cinders and bear her torturous step sisters just so that she could gain the blessing of her monitoring fairy god mother so that she could go to the ball and find her charming there. And as I am stating the obvious, it turned out to be the very prince of the state. And we don’t even know how he may treat her when one day she losses her beauty and turns into an old lady not strong enough for him to dance with.

Snow white found her prince charming too. But what if he was actually a lazy spoilt prince who would just laze around while the beautiful snow would toil to make the ends meet? What if he killed the kind dwarfs who saved her life out of jealousy?

Falling in love with a hideous but kind beast is actually a pure act of abnegation and bravery.  Belle is a brave child and a caring daughter to her father. As we raise a toast to her kindness, I would even like to say she is a stupid girl. She doesn’t really speak up when she has to stand up for her father and her family and the beast and gets locked up in the room of hopelessness.  If she would just continue to be terrified of the beast may be she would have a simpler life not bothering about a lone soul she doesn’t know.

But how could she do that? Could she? The beast had to be a prince under a curse and she had to be his true love and their paths had to cross. Why so cliché?

These fairytales say big lies that break our hearts ahead in lives. Somewhere as little girls we still wish we had a prince charming with a sword and a white horse. He would drawn his mighty sword and rescue us from the clutches of this evil world. But most of us have to settle for the imperfect and learn to love them. Since beggars don’t have a choice! XD

These movies don’t come with disclaimers of not to watch them since they don’t come true literally.
 In Grimm brothers’ tales all the fairytales had hideous endings but yet somewhere even a happily ever after.
Sure there were evil queens, selfish mothers and witches like in the movies, but Grimm brothers’ tales had blood, pregnancy, sacrifices and anger and therefore drama, making these fairytales a lot more believable.  And I like these versions since they can be metaphorically compared to reality.

They typically show that a story is not flawless {evil mothers and sisters are not grave flaws. But pregnancy and murder are}. It has its own ups and downs but yet two deserving people find their way back to each other. These old fairytales display the doings of karma.

So like I said fairytales don’t always give false hopes. They help us believe in what we want and the fact the goodness always takes over evil which I still find a little cliché, but yet true.

Kindness is an important virtue and so is bravery. (All fairytales have always being about the journey of a princess and not the prince. Why not?). But yet we must continue believing in magic and miracles of the universe and that within ourselves.

Little mermaid, beauty and the beast, Cinderella yet remain our favorite bed time classics. But I just wish they would rather give a real lesson to small girls rather than breaking their hearts later with false hope of a perfect prince charming.

As I write this I realize as much as I am angry with the unfairness, I would still enjoy getting lost in the magical world of happily ever after and musicals now that I know the real, bitter truth.
PS- My favorite fairytale is Rapunzal.


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