Sunday, 14 September 2014

A horror story.

This was an unplanned post. I was practicing for my exams, but the story turned out fine. So decided to post it. Hope you guys enjoy and make sure you are not reading at night, under your blanket in the dark! ;) :P your opinion is valuable, feel free to comment! :)

I lay on my bed like I do every night. Silent and barely moving. With my blanket over me I was breathing heavily with every breath filled with anticipation and trying to repay what seemed like lack of oxygen consumed by fear. My hand lying on my head and legs completed covered by my thin blanket partially made me feel safe and unexposed but barely protected. My eyes blankly stared at the white sheet in front of my eyes and my ears now extra sensitive strained to hear even the faintest movement, hoot or sound.

I could not dare to move.

Something had moved. I was sure. Like last night, the scrapping sound of something moving on the wooden floor had woken me up from my sleep. At this juncture I would like to mention that I have a very sound sleep.

If to be described precisely only relying on my auditory senses, it felt like heavy meat and wood being dragged across the house. The sound was muffled, painful and stopped every 3 seconds. And I was still under my blanket, now sweating and slowly moving to press my back against the wall so that I feel a sense of protection even though it would be just psychological.
Since 2 nights I have been ignoring the sound. They seemed to disappear after a painful and intimidating half hour or forty five minutes. But today I had to put an end to it. I guess. I slowly peeped out of my blanket half expecting a distorted horrifying face to waiting for me. But nothing was there; except my ceiling freckled with fluorescent stars and a larger moon near one of the corners. I looked around expecting to find something still covered with my blanket. The sound had surprisingly stopped. Which was a little disturbing now.

Was it watching me?

The window was closed like I had left it before I went to sleep. My chair with my clothes on it was just like I had last seen it. The room door was closed. The room was dimly lit by the shine of the moon filtering through the tempered glass. I tried to strain my eyes concentrating in the far dark corner of the room. I think I saw something there. A figure. I stared at it intently but neither anything moved, nor any sound was made.

 May be it was just my mind playing tricks. Just like the scrapping sounds. I just needed a break from my busy schedule. Evidently. May be a vacation. I gazed at the room one last time. Switched on the side lamp and looked around to be sure. Switched off the light to refill the room with darkness and lay down again covering my head with the blanket

I said a little prayer and closed my eyes. My mind filled with memories of the day. And I was soon drifting off to a dreamy superficial haze which was the path to a sound sleep.
But then my heart stopped dead for a moment. My feet were tickled. Something had tickled my feet. I immediately dragged my knees closer to my chest and I was almost in tears. My heart was beating even faster now. What should I do?

I didn’t want to peep out of my blanket and find some gruesome figure standing by the end of the bed waiting for me to look at it. I didn’t even know what would happen if I would ever find what it was. So I finally decided to switch on the side lamp first and then look out. I reached my hand out stumbled a little but found the switch and switched it on.

I peeped out slowly and looked around. Nothing was there. I was tired. Annoyed and hopeless now. I wanted to sleep and was almost hoping for it to be day.

There was a muffled bang. A soft one. Only noticeable to my alert senses. There was another one. I was honestly numb. Sitting here wouldn’t make any difference but I had no clue about my next course of action. Another bang, only slightly louder. This time I also felt a slight vibration. My bed.
It was from under my bed.


I reached out to the edge and slowly bow myself to look down under my bed. It seemed an apt time for my brain to recall all the stories about under the bed monsters. Honestly, I never believed them. I am not sure about now.
I bowed down and I was staring at the dark space. Nothing was there. Only a dark void probably with dust and cobwebs from not being cleaned for a long time. I sighed and straightened deciding just to go off to sleep.

And there it was. In front of me. A creature from hell.

 Blackish scaly skin. Some sort of stringy material for hair and black holes for eyes. No lips thus smoothly exposing the sharp uneven teeth which would surely hurt with the mouth would be fully closed. Skinny with wings. Wings huge and feathery with black smeared all over them. I had never seen anything more horrifying. Cuts and bruises covered its body which seemed like an empty content less shell.

Before I could even move, it did. It opened his mouth wide exposing the scaly red contents and then everything went dark.

Next afternoon I was found barely alive by my mother come to visit me. Covered in black feathers and teeth marks, pale as marble.


  1. Imma kill you!you have way too vivid an imagination kutti!(yes thts a compliment) luv whn u rite in this genre!

  2. aw thanks babe! :* u r alwys the one to comment and read first! :) thanks a lot! :*

  3. Woah awesome!!! Love your descriptive writing!! :*